Water tank cleaning is an essential part of water hygiene  and something to be taken seriously both domestically and commercially. We cannot compromise with its cleanliness and purity. Protecting the water system’s users from potentially fatal diseases is vital, particularly when the users are vulnerable people such as children, the elderly, people with pre-existing illnesses, smokers, etc. These tanks should be inspected for their condition to identify if a water tank clean is required. Our method of cleaning water tanks ensures the removal of impurities such as sand, mud, algae, moss, viruses, and bacteria from the tank.

Call us for the best and safe water cleaning services to provide you impurity free water.

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Mohammed Anas.

I got my Split AC servicing done by the Fixician team. They were really professional & economical. I highly recommend Fixician for any maintenance services.

Mohammed Shahil

Had an AC installation done by Fixician Technical Services. I got a quick response from them, suggested me with the best capacity of the AC to be installed as per the requirements and did their job so well. The technicians were well spoken, courteous and highly skilled. I highly recommend Fixician Technical Services.

Ms. Dilnaz Mohammed

I highly recommend the Fixician team as I had my AC servicing and Repairs done by them hassle free. I had already mentioned them that I have a new born, the team took extra precautionary measures. I’m impressed with their work , the technicians did a great job and I got the best quote and would like to mention that they left the area dirt free.

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